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        Jerrywon Energy Equipments Co., Ltd. is a leading company that has been recognized by API QHSE Integrated Management System and obtains various certifications, including API, HSE, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, GC and ASME.

QHSE Policies of Jerrywon
Law Awareness Energy Saving  Environmental Protection  Pollution  Protection
Safe Operation Accidents Prevention Caring Staff People-oriented

QHSE Objectives of Jerrywon
1. No major safety accidents; minor injury rate ≤ 2%; no occupational diseases.
2. Classification and disposal of 90% solid wastes; no environmental pollution accidents.

        We promise to render all services in strict accordance with the laws, regulations and other requirements of the state and local governments; to put accident-prevention first and apply the risk management to all operation activities for the purpose of preventing fire disasters, electric shock, chemical poisoning and other incidents and accidents to the largest extent; to protect the environment, control the pollution and improve the quality of environment of the company and surrounding areas; to improve the working conditions, provide necessary labor protection articles and take healthcare measures to maintain the physical and mental health of the staff and prevent occupational diseases; to create an enterprise culture focusing on safety, environment protection and health, and pay attention to the HSE training for the staff so as to enhance their HSE awareness and capabilities; to take the HSE performance as an important method for assessing and motivating the staff; to standardize the management of suppliers and other interested parties, and enhance the communication with interested parties to ensure that the services rendered can meet the requirements of HSE management; to publish the HSE performances regularly, actively seek opinions and suggestions from the owner, users and other interested parties, and strive to meet the reasonable requirements of the public.

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