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GE Global Reciprocating Compressor General Manager Visited J
release:2016-04-20 10:35 source:杰利阳 read:
      Mr. Diarmaid Mulholland, the new global business general manager for reciprocating compressor of GE, Mr. Roderic Gunn, the sales supervisor for the new reciprocator for Asia-Pacific Region and business manager in GE Beijing Office and two other people visited Jerrywon’s office in Beijing Asian Games Village in the morning of November 11, 2015. 

During the nearly 3-hours communication, both parties had an in-depth talk on improving mutual cooperation, extending future cooperation fields and strategic conception and reached consensuses on many aspect. 

Both parties believed that, through establishing a cooperation framework for information resource sharing and promoting technical advance, the mutual cooperation would ensure a better performance of the Company. 

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