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      Jerrywon, founded in 1998, is an integrated corporation with main businesses focusing on gas compressor manufacturing and skid fabrication, compressor engineering service, petroleum engineering service, as well as carbon emission reduction and utilization. .Jerrywon is headquartered in Beijing Asian Games Village, it has a compressor manufacturing and skid plant in Miyun Development Zone, with complete equipment manufacturing, testing and inspection capabilities.Jerrywon has a technical service center, overhaul workshops and spare parts warehouse in Inner Mongolia. Jieyuan petroleum engineering technical service subsidiary in Xi’an is engaged in snubbing operation and drainage gas recovery technical services; also conducts technical research on CO2 emission reduction, carbon capture reuse and storage.
      Jerrywon has collaborated closely with GE, CAT and other leading brand of compressor worldwide, and has won the respect from the market and customers by providing high-quality compressor manufacturing, skid packaging service. Up to now, Jerrywon has provided nearly 300 sets of natural gas compressor units for domestic and foreign users such as PetroChina, Sinopec, Yanchang Petroleum, Shell Oil, US EOG resources, OGDCL Pakistan, MI energy, TOTAL etc, which are respectively used in natural gas storage, gas gathering pressurization, gas lift, coalbed methane pressurization, CO2 gas injection, CNG, LNG, wellhead pressurization, etc.Compressor technical service outlets throughout in Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Hebei, Shanxi, Jilin, Pakistan, etc. And providing compressor and engine installation and commissioning, maintenance, optimizing reform, equipment relocation, overhaul, technical training, spare parts supply, station operation and maintenance, equipment leasing and other services for domestic and foreign oil and gas field.
      The main business of petroleum engineering is to provide technical engineering services such as snubbing operation, coiled tubing, drainage gas recovery and oilfield testing, etc.Business has covers all kinds of oil and gas reservoirs(including shale gas, tight gas, coal-seam gas and conventional sand gas) such as Sulige gas province, Sichuan-Chongqing gas province, north-east gas and oil field and north gas and oil field etc. providing a strong guarantee for the efficient development of domestic and foreign oil and gas fields.Jerrwon always pays attention to technical innovation. After years of exploration, accumulation, research and development, Jerrywon has formed 5 technology series with independent intellectual property rights which are reciprocating compressor skid mounted design and manufacturing technology, reciprocating compressor unit maintenance and overhaul technology, snubbing technology, drainage gas recovery technology and CO2 flooding pressurization and injection technology.
      Jerrywon emphasis on building corporate culture since its establishment, has gradually formed a unique corporate culture and advocating the core values of "be sincere, kindness and bright, congeals the wisdom to gather the strength, win-win cooperation". Company strictly comply with the code of conduct of kindness, honesty, practical, Tough, Dedication, Innovation, rigor and efficiency", we strive to undertake social responsibility, carry out social public welfare activities and actively give back to the society while its self-development.
 “Go forward hand in hand, better life, better future!!”


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