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Customization and Individuation Win the Domestic and Foreign
release:2016-04-20 10:30 source:杰利阳 read:
In the near-port yard of Offshore Petroleum Engineering Special Equipment Company (hereinafter called Special Equipment Company), the Missan Project Team is conducting the last 100% RT (radiographic testing) heat treatment to the pipes of carbon steel used on compressors on October 23.
“Due to the presence of H2S in natural gas components and according to the customization requirement of the Oilfield Company, we need to perform 100%RT on pressure vessels and pipelines, and especially the pipelines of carbon steel must be heat treated with 100%RT.” Mr. Liu Jiayuan, Project Manager, said
Since 2014, the Special Equipment Company has comprehensively promoted the “customization” of package design and manufacturing. While making full play of product manufacturing advantages, the company has tried product individuation, customization and full-life service and continuously develops high-end markets both at home and abroad. At present, the Company’s products and services have been “customized” in their full project flow, meeting the requirements of various projects.
While taking skid-mounted equipment as its main business, the Special Equipment Company take compressor as one of the important products to forge its brand name. In March of this year, the Company successfully won the contract for two sets of low-pressure natural gas screw compressor packages for Iraqi Missan Oilfield. It is the first time that the customized skidded product of the Special Equipment Company finds enter overseas market.
As a customized product, the Missan compressor project has its own characteristic which is different from other projects. Due to the presence of H2S in the natural gas components, they become strongly corrosive which raise the requirements for the materials of pipelines, fittings and pressure vessels as well as operation sequences. 
According to practical situations, the Project Team provided customized service from design, procurement to manufacturing, even to packaging and transportation. Considering the corrosion effect in sour service, the Project Team compared and anzlyzed the materials of the equipment and pipelines, their technical requirements and performances and selected and used the corrosion-resistant materials. During the operation, the Special Equipment Company adopted the heat treatment process on the carbon-steel pipelines, which greatly improved the safety and reliability of the pipelines.
“We shall focus on R&D of high-end equipment and strive to build a customized production center for oil/gas treatment equipment, spare no effort on skid-mounted products and underwater product services and seize more international and domestic market.” said Mr. Zhang Haitao, the General Manager of Special Equipment Company.
In view of the continuous downturn of international crude oil prices and reduction in investment in oil/gas development projects, the Special Equipment Company actively solidifies its existing domestic market shares, cooperates with Owners closely and constantly provides specialized and customized services for special equipment.
In the turnkey project of Bozhong 13-1 natural gas compressor, the head of the compressor is made by ARRIL in the United States. According to the client’s requirement on contract duration, and after coordination with the manufacturer, the Project Team finally took such measures as that the head components were to be made in USA and knocked-down shipped, then assembled by the Special Equipment Company.
“We met a lot of difficulties in assembling, but the project team got to know the inner structure of compressor more visually, which was favorable for us to know the assembling method for compressor head. So while meeting the Owner’s requirement for customization, we also cultivated our staff.” said Zhang Haitao. 


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