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CNPC International Latin America actively engaged in trainin
release:2020-05-15 11:45 source:杰利阳 read:

In order to combat the rapidly spread COVID-19 in Latin America and ensure life safety and health, CNPC Internatioanl Latin America organized epidemic prevention and control training and mental health counseling for its employees through online videos.

During the epidemic prevention and control training, the employees were instructed in the use of COVID-19 test kits, adjuvant drugs and disinfectants. Experts on epidemic prevention and control introduced different types of test kits and their detection methods and principles, advantages and disadvantages, diagnostic significance, precautions for handling and storage, case finding and treatment, use of disinfectants, and precautions upon application. In the mental health counseling, professionals provided psychological counseling for employees by listing and offering solutions to a variety of common mental health problems during the COVID-19 outbreak, which served to help employees avert and ease psychological stress caused by the epidemic, and guide them how to prevent and control the epidemic in a scientific way.

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